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Spiritual Wellness Coaching:

Spiritual Wellness Coaching is a combination of Spiritual Coaching and Wellness coaching where the coach (me) helps the client (you) with life issues and goals through a holistic spiritual and wellness lens.  The focus is on whole wellness (mind, body, and soul).  We work together as a team to help YOU achieve YOUR goals!  I don't do this TO you.  I do this WITH you.  Let's see what you can accomplish!  

30-60 min sessions are offered via phone or in person.  The recommendation is to purchase a package of four session at a time to help build and keep your momentum.

30min is $80

60min is $140

Angel Therapy:

Angel Therapy incorporates guided angelic messages about which areas of life need to be focused on.  This can be an energetic body healing, a soul healing, or help with life issues in general.  These sessions are not intended to predict the future.  Instead, they are meant to reveal to you shadow areas that need work and homework to be done in order to facilitate integrated healing.

30 min is $50

60 min is $100

Space Clearing:

Space Clearing utilizes sound and scent to help remove stagnant energies from your dwelling or place of work.  A healing crystal grid is laid out and each room is given a thorough clearing.  Many times, a crystal or some other item that is blessed will be left behind to continue the activation of flow of energy in the space.  Space Clearing can be done long distance as well.

Space Clearing prices are dependent on the size of the home or office space.  Please email for details.

Please email me for inquiries about all other healing modalities.

Sessions can be done via phone, chat, or in person if you are in the Duluth/Superior area.  LGBTQ friendly.  All individuals welcome.

Payments can be made via Paypal, credit card, or cash.  Sorry, no personal checks or money orders are accepted at this time.

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